Our Solutions

Open Enrolment Solutions

BlueTrack develops custom solutions to meet the needs of any organizational development or corporate change initiative. With associate industry experts and specialist trainers we have the capability to delve into what is missing and design a wide range of solutions to improve competencies at all levels of management.

Our international partners are established leaders in research and training for leadership, talent management, organizational development and financial strategies.  With top-notch resources we provide world-class solutions in

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Digital Strategies
  • Marketing
  • Talent Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Innovation & Entrpreneurial Skills

In-House Solutions

Get the leadership skills and technical knowledge to inspire your people and propel your organisation forward to reach its goals.

With our experienced team of trainers and experts across a range of industry sectors (environment and resources, hospitality and tourism, transport and logistics, etc.) BlueTrack offers customised courses for delivery onsite.

Save time and money and have the best programs delivered at your premises.Contact us for a no-obligation quote

Contact us for a no-obligation quote

TALENT MANAGEMENT – Selection, Alignment & Development With Chally’s Predictive Assessments, you can manage the important resource you have.

CHALLY Talent Analytics provides an organization with the best-match fit for employees. With an online assessment system, you can build on your staff’s potential and improve employee and organizational performance.  Chally’s predictive assessment methods are EEOC compliant and improve selection accuracy by 25-30% over conventional methods.  Chally serves clients around the world in talent selection and development.

Meet with us and find out how Chally assessments can help you in sourcing, developing and retaining your top employees.

Public Relations (PR)

With an experienced team of PR and writing specialists we provide professional services in Public Relations, Copywriting and Editing, and Design. Event Managers have 20 years of experience working in Asia and overseas.

Events Management

We have created engaging events and PR platforms for various corporate and social enterprises, Scale of events- from 50 to 10,000 participants.  Events management and PR team have over 20 years of experience organizing events all over the world. Events include:

  • Awards Presentation Dinners
  • Press Conferences
  • Conferences and Summits
  • Exhibitions and Roadshows
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Charity Auctions