Past Events

Public Sector

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  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Technopreneurship - Enabling Innovation and Start-up Eco-System
  • Primary Healthcare for the Community
  • Digital Economy: Promotion of an ASEAN Digital Economy
  • Urban Planning & Leadership
  • Sustainable Development & Urban Planning
  • Singapore's Approach on Social Cohesion and Racial Harmony
  • Workforce for the Future Economy
  • Smart Nation – Strategy to Implementation
  • Public Sector Administration and Social Policy
  • Social Policy Management
  • English and Communication
  • The Organisation of International Conferences, Meetings and Exhibitions
  • Basic English & Communication Skills
  • Business Etiquette and Professional Image
  • Diplomacy and Protocol
  • Public Speaking, Etiquette & Communication
  • Event Management Training Course
  • English for Expatriate Teachers
  • Air Quality Management
  • English for Protocol Officers
  • Service Excellence in the Delivery of Conferences