We are at the forefront in industry research and create leading edge business events.  BlueTrack’s signature country insight forums and summits inform business leaders, senior management and decision makers on latest country developments and opportunities.

BlueTrack’s training courses, conferences, summits and seminars are platforms to share thought leadership on top-of-mind issues.  With industry networks across the globe, we identify and engage the best minds to share in knowledge exchange.

Upcoming Events

Leading Virtual and Remote Teams
A 1 Day Training Course on The Ultimate Test of Leadership to Lead teams in Virtual & Remote Settings
Venue & Dates

(Singapore) 13 August or 22nd September 2020 (MOO1S)

(Kuala Lumpur) 18 August or 24th September 2020 (M001K)

Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Get basic financial management skills and understand key financial and accounting terms
Venue & Dates

Singapore: 20 October or 2 December 2020 (F001S)

Kuala Lumpur: 8 September or 10 November 2020 (F001K)

Cash Flow and Budgeting
Take control of your firm’s financial position to ride out disruptive times.
Venue & Dates

Singapore: 24 September 2020 or 3 November 2020 (F002S)

Kuala Lumpur: 1 October or 10 November 2020 (F002K)

Coaching & Mentoring
Bring out the best in your direct reports
Venue & Dates

Singapore: 14 August / 8 September 2020 (M003S)

Kuala Lumpur: 15 September / 17 November 2020 (M003K)

Digital Marketing Made Simple
Upgrade your digital skills for the “new normal” at work! Insights on How to Pitch, Build and Manage Your Corporate Presence!
Venue & Dates

Singapore: 4 August / 1 September / 15 October 2020 (D001S)

Kuala Lumpur: 18 August / 6 October / 3 November 2020 (D001K)

Managing Organisational Change
Make Change a Positive in the New Normal
Venue & Dates

Singapore:- 20 August / 30 September / 17 November (M002S)

Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills
Get the attention of the reader, write powerful professional documents, respond with clear concise replies.
Venue & Dates

Singapore:- 28 September / 22 October / 2 December 2020 (M004S)

Design Thinking
Design Thinking - The buzzword in innovation, business, technology and education Breakdown complex problems; Extract information and create solutions
Venue & Dates
  • Singapore:- 2 September / 19 November 2020 (M005S)
  • Kuala Lumpur:- TBA (M005K)
Past Events