About Us

BlueTrack Centre, an independent training, conference and event management company, develops and organizes a range of training courses, conferences and forums. Areas of training specialization include communication, leadership, strategy, management, negotiation, digital and social media, finance and accounting and corporate law.

BlueTrack works with a pool of specialist associate trainers, professional bodies, educational institutions and industry experts to provide customized learning solutions.

BlueTrack partners with leading organizations – American Management Association, Chally Talent Assessment Centre and Tourism Solutions International.

With a track record for producing B2B events on top-of-mind issues, BlueTrack’s industry and country insight conferences and summits provide business leaders and key decision-makers with expert knowledge and advice to explore opportunities and take their organizations to the next level of performance.

Team members have more than twenty years of experience in conference production, training solutions, event management, public relations, writing and design.  The team consults to industry in areas of market research, conference content design and speaker engagement for global conferences held in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Middle East.

Who We Work With

HRDF Registered Training Provider