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Leading Virtual and Remote Teams

(Singapore) 13 August or 22nd September 2020 (MOO1S)

(Kuala Lumpur) 18 August or 24th September 2020 (M001K)

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Singapore: 20 October or 2 December 2020 (F001S)

Kuala Lumpur: 8 September or 10 November 2020 (F001K)

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Singapore: 24 September 2020 or 3 November 2020 (F002S)

Kuala Lumpur: 1 October or 10 November 2020 (F002K)

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Our Solutions

With many years of international experience, BlueTrack offers solutions for:

  • Learning and Organisational Development
  • Customised Training for Public and Private Sector
  • International Summits and Conferences as Platforms for Thought Leadership
  • Public Relations, Research and Writing
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Always ahead of the curve, Blue Track designs and delivers bespoke events.  Industries and countries glean insights to lead change and manage challenges.

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For more than ten years, BlueTrack has been providing organisations and professionals with skills to adapt to change and meet tougher challenges.

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